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There are three required fields needed to fill out the order lookup form, they are: PayPal Email Address, Invoice ID, and Last Name. More information on finding the required information is below.

Email Address

This is the email address you entered during the payment process.

Auction ID

This only pertains to products that were purchased via an online auction. You can obtain the auction id, or auction number, from the auction listing page.

Invoice ID

This value can be obtained from the PayPal web site, or from your PayPal email receipt that you receive after payment. If you paid using Google Checkout, you can obtain the Invoice value in your receipt. To obtain the Invoice ID from the PayPal web site, log into your PayPal account with the email from above and find the transaction you are looking up. Once you find the transaction, click on the "Details" link to view the transaction details. On that page, you will see the Invoice ID field that contains the value to be entered in the lookup form.

Last Name

This is your last name that you entered during the checkout process.